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audi motorsport R8 LMS 2015 960x480 photo

Watch: A Rainy ride Around Paul Ricard in an R8

The future, though full of terrifying breaches of privacy, is also full of wonder. Take, for example, the Audi R8 LMS and the 360° video, that combine like wine and cheese on this French track.

The track in question is the classic Circuit Paul Ricard near Marseille, France. With the help of one of those smart phones the kids are always going on about and maybe even a VR headset, you can feel like you’re taking a lap of the safest track on the 1970 F1 calendar—an achievement on par with being the slimmest sumo wrestler.

Either way, headphones are recommended as the V10 howls down the track, bouncing off the rev limiter for most of the back straight.

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