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Find of the Day: How Much Would You Pay for an Audi S4 B5?

posted by on 7 April 2014 in Audi News In Market

tial 770 S4 2 600x300 photo

The B5 chassis S4′s Twin-Turbocharged 2.7L V6 was a dream for both tuners and enthusiasts from the moment it debuted.  In the years since, owners have relentlessly tinkered with their cars and continue to push the platform further and further with new parts coming to market quite regularly- some more extreme than others.  This brings […] More…

RS Faux, The Many Guises of J.J. Larson’s B5 RS-look Avant

posted by on 20 March 2014 in Feature Cars

rs faux header 600x300 photo

Common practice for shops and/or people in the tuning industry is to use a car as a platform to promote products or a style. Less common is for a car to be built, completely changed… and even completely changed again. However, that’s just the considerable process this RS-converted B5 S4 Avant has been subjected to at the hands of’s founder and co-creator J.J. Larson. More…

Video: B5 S4 Snow Hoonage & Ersatz Snow Plow

posted by on 8 January 2014 in Audi News

shomare 600x300 photo

A little over a day ago, a regular in our Car Lounge discussion forum sent us a video he’d shot during the high snows that blanketed his Michigan home. Seems he decided to take his 500 hp tuned B5 S4 out for a cruise before clearing over one foot of snow from his driveway.

PhotoGraphic: Audi A3 Sedan vs S4 B5 Visual Comparison

posted by on 25 November 2013 in PhotoGraphic

comparison2 600x300 photo

From the very inception the idea of the Audi A3 sedan was admittedly to recapture some of the magic of the B5-era A4/s4/RS 4 range. In the years since the last B5s were sold, the A4/S4/RS 4 have grown to a size roughly akin to the A6/S6/RS 6 of the B5′s generation. Enthusiasts looking for something smaller or perhaps more affordable had been left out of the Audi lineup unless they went with the A3 Sportback (or 3-door in Europe). Now, the new A3 is about to launch and just how it compares to the much beloved B5 cars is on most Audi enthusiast’s minds. Certainly it was on the mind of one particular B5 S4 owner who happened upon a new A3 sedan.

Audi TT 2.7T B5, The Unknown & Most Surprising Prototype

posted by on 28 October 2013 in Miscellaneous Features Vintage & Youngtimer News

tt b5 rs cover 600x300 photo

When the 30th Anniversary of quattro GmbH display opened earlier this month, a rather unassuming first-generation Imola Yellow TT coupe was part of the show. Were it not for some minor changes to the chin and an interesting decklid spoiler, even the most discerning eye may not have seen it as anything more than a yellow TT 3.2. However, a simple view of the engine bay with its longitudinally mounted 2.7T biturbo proves the car is much more than that, a little-known secret prototype quattro GmbH dusted off in order to celebrate its most storied and often secretive past. More…

Find of the Day: Low Mileage, Unmolested 2002 Audi B5 S4

posted by on 30 September 2013 in Audi News

b5 s4 600x300 photo

There’s no doubt that the B5 Audi S4 is a cult classic, highly prized by aficionados and often highly tuned thanks to a plethora of aftermarket options and tuning upgrades. As a result, finding an unmodified, low mileage example can prove exceedingly difficult. So, when we stumbled across this very clean silver example with manual transmission, we knew we had to pass it along.

Find of the Day: 390 hp Black RS 4 Build on Ebay

posted by on 22 August 2013 in In Market

2001 audi s4 avant rs4 conversion fotd 46 600x300 photo

There’s something magical about the B5. Relatively small in size and available readily with the potent 2.7T biturbo V6, the car was a recipe for performance cult status. Even more so the Euro-only RS 4 Avant – limited in production and the most potent version of that vaunted engine. So, when we spot a B5 RS 4 (or a car that looks like it) up for sale, it’s a given we’re going to run it in our In Market / Find of the Day series.

Waterfest 2013: Event Report, Audi Perspective

posted by on 23 July 2013 in Events Coverage

wfest cover 600x300 photo

The term ‘water’ in the name WaterFest refers to the passing of generations. At one time you could find shows for air-cooled Volkswagens on any given weekend throughout the summer. The newer and so-called ‘water-cooled’ cars coming out of Volkswagen and Audi made for a new generation of enthusiast owner and as such made a case for a split and a show all their own. Now in its 19th year, Waterfest not only signifies a truly mature and gargantuan segment, but one that has given birth to multiple generations in its own right.

Black Forest Industries Releases Billet Engine Mounts for B5 / B6 / B7 Chassis

posted by on 14 February 2013 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

b5b6b7enginemount 600x300 photo

Black Forest Industries is the first to develop a fully billet replacement engine mount for the Audi Longitudinal platform that retains all of the factory alignment and stress relieving features. The use of billet aluminum instead of cast and an increase in minimum thickness creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the stock mount. […] More…

Feature Car: EBB5 – One Very Low & Very Original A4 via RollHard

posted by on 6 February 2013 in Feature Cars

ebb5 cover 600x300 photo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen pictures of this Laser Red Audi floating about on picture threads and Facebook pages. This car caused quite a stir in Wörthersee this year.

Rotiform VCE Perfect for Vintage Audi Motorsport Look AND Ice Racing

posted by on 22 January 2013 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

rotiform vce audi rs4 b5 2 600x300 photo

When we first spotted Rotiform’s VCE wheel design, its flat-faced look immediately reminded us of the modular BBS fan wheels run on IMSA and Trans-Am in the late 80s. Apparently that point of reference wasn’t lost on Thomas Skala either. Thomas is a Rotiform customer and B5 RS 4 owner who ordered up his set […] More…

Find of the Day: Rare Bugatti EB110 Alloys on Ebay

posted by on 21 January 2013 in Choice Gear In Market

bugatti eb110 600x300 photo

If you follow trends in the aftermarket and at enthusiast shows, restored exotic and motorsport wheels may just be some of the coolest alloy you can fit to your car… and the more exotic the better. In that vein may we humbly cast your attention toward a listing we’ve found on Ebay thanks to Black […] More…