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Audi Recaro Shell Seats Stolen to Order in UK

posted by on 26 March 2014 in Audi News

audi rs4 b7 uk 021 600x300 photo

It is the stuff of nightmares really. You park your pristine Audi RS-car on a busy city street and return to find the side windows broken. Theives have unhooked your gripping Recaro seats and remove them via the broken windows so as not to set off the alarm. Even worse, when you submit your claim to your insurance company, your car is written off as totaled. This may not be in as much a problem for Americans who never even got the Recaro shell seats as an option, but such is life in the UK according to a report in the Telegraph newspaper. More…

Find of the Day: B7 Audi S4 Avant Just How You’d Order It

posted by on 20 February 2014 in In Market

b7 avant 600x300 photo

They no longer sell an S4 Avant in the USA, so unless you’re crazy enough to buy an A4 Avant and S4 and have a shop like GMG swap everything over (it’s been done), you’re likely left shopping for an older generation S4 Avant. Trouble is, they’re no longer making them and finding a nice unmolested specimen is becoming increasingly hard. If I just described your plight, this story is for you.

APR Announces 4.2L FSI V8 High Pressure Fuel Pumps

posted by on 20 January 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

2008 audi rs4 sedan usa 064 600x300 photo

APR is a Tier-One OEM supplier of high pressure fueling components to VAG and has operated with a nearly perfect tract record since the program’s motorsport backed inception in 2006. With thousands of pumps sold yearly, APR has a wealth of knowledge and manufacturing techniques utilized in the production of critical fueling components with exceptional reliability. More…

Photo Gallery: Audi A4 DTM Edition, South African Market


APR Announces Stage 3+ TVS1740 Supercharger System for B7 Audi RS 4

posted by on 6 January 2014 in Audi News

rs4 600x300 photo

Since the release of the B7 RS4, Audi’s technological advances on RS models have grown dramatically. However, this often came along with the removal of traditional manual 6-speed transmissions many RS owners have grown to love. APR quickly realized the RS4 represented one of Audi’s last great performance sedans and chose to continue advancing the platform more than half a decade after the last RS4 rolled off the production line.

Find of the Day: Audi Exclusive Imola Yellow B7 A4 Avant

posted by on 17 December 2013 in In Market

imola wagon 600x300 photo

Avantophiles take note. We’ve found something that should be of interest in the form of an Audi Exclusive Imola Yellow A4 S line Avant up for sale in Illinois. Even better, it looks quite well maintained. Here’s the rundown.

Insane Audi TT Crash Leaves Car Embedded in Side of House

posted by on 24 March 2013 in via Fourtitude

tt crash 600x300 photo

According to reports out of the UK, the driver of a first-geneartion Audi TT is in the hospital following an accident at 2AM this morning local time in Suffolk. The three occupants of the house escaped unscathed though the driver was taken to the local hospital following the accident. A neighbor Keith Shales stated to […] More…

Black Forest Industries Releases Billet Engine Mounts for B5 / B6 / B7 Chassis

posted by on 14 February 2013 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

b5b6b7enginemount 600x300 photo

Black Forest Industries is the first to develop a fully billet replacement engine mount for the Audi Longitudinal platform that retains all of the factory alignment and stress relieving features. The use of billet aluminum instead of cast and an increase in minimum thickness creates a mount that is dramatically stronger than the stock mount. […] More…

Coppertone Dolphin: Lon Mok’s HRE-Rich Audi S4 Avant

posted by on 28 June 2012 in Feature Cars

1200x514frontpage 600x300 photo

There’s no question that the requirements for owning an Audi are either a fair inheritance or attaining the status in life of being a “go-getter”. We’re not sure about his inheritance status and frankly that’s a bit personal to ask, but there’s no need to question Lon Mok’s (a.k.a. bugzy on the Fourtitude forums) status as “go-getter”. The guy not only manages the long-running So-Cal Euro car show, he also splits his time as marketing executive for HRE wheels. What better car then should the guy own for his going and his getting but an S4 Avant… and rolling on custom HRE wheels.

Video: Chris Harris Reviews New Audi RS 4 for DRIVE

posted by on 22 June 2012 in via Fourtitude Video

rs4 5 600x300 photo

UK automotive journo Chris Harris has filed his latest report over on the DRIVE YouTube channel this week and it revolves around the new Audi RS 4. It would be an understatement to say Harris wasn’t thorough in this case as he not only compares the car to the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, but he also steps back in time and samples the first two generation RS 4 Avants (B5 and B7) before even firing up the 4.2 FSI of the new B8 RS 4 Avant.

APR Presents Stage III Supercharger System for B7 Audi RS 4

posted by on 17 September 2010 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

05apr supercharger header 600x300 photo

APR’s Engineering Teams are pleased to present the firm’s first iteration of the Audi 4.2l V8 FSI supercharger application. Producing over 570hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque, APR’s RS4 Stage III propels one of Audi’s most prestigious performance vehicles to new levels of acceleration and performance. Applying forced induction to a normally aspirated production engine […] More…

NewSouth Performance Introduces a B6/B7 Chassis Audi A4 Turbo VentPodTM Kit

posted by on 24 November 2009 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

05trimrings 600x114 photo

Chapel Hill, NC, November 20: Just in time for Christmas, NewSouth Performance, LLC has introduced the ultimate B6/B7 chassis Audi A4 Turbo VentPod kit. Specifically designed for the center vents of the 2002-2008 Audi A4 (B6/B7) chassis, the NewSouth Performance Turbo VentPod includes: ***image3:bottom*** • A custom-designed 45mm 30inHg, 30PSI electronic boost gauge that matches […] More…