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Carbon Fiber Trim for B7 Audi RS 4 from Carbon Works Berlin

by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

Audi RS7 B7 Carbon Works Berlin 290 600x300 photo

The B7 RS 4 is one of those Audi RS-cars that came in the days before exterior carbon optics were a thing. Yes, you could have carbon beltline trim on the inside and that’s been the case from the very outset of RS-cars, but for accents on the outside you’ll have to turn to one of those carbon fiber specialists like Carbon Works Berlin. More…

Forge Releases Engine Oil Cooler for B7 Audi RS4 4.2 V8

by on 29 April 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

forge oc 1 600x300 photo

Respected VW Group tuner Forge Motorsport has released a comprehensive oil cooler kit for the Audi RS 4 4.2 V8 model. This kit is ideal for anyone that likes to drive their RS 4 quickly and perfect for anyone that uses their car for track work or towing. Due to compromises in the original design however, this kit is also a great way of avoiding a potential oil loss – and engine failure – even on a completely standard car. More…

Find of the Day: $13K B7 Audi RS 4

by on 3 April 2015 in In Market

rs41 600x300 photo

We’ve determined that we need some sort of label for the class of car that this 2008 Audi RS 4 represents. Be it a car with rebuilt title or perhaps catastrophic mechanical issues, a really cool is still a really cool car… but at a cheaper price… and also certain headaches. More…

Video: Audi RS 4 Trackday Rollover at Willow Springs Raceway

by on 25 March 2015 in Video

crash 600x300 photo

We can’t say we really like the idea of crash videos involving Audis, because they always result in the destruction of a nice car. That said, they also remind us just how safe these cars are and also the value of driving safely. Given all this, we felt the need to share a video by […] More…

034Motorsport Rear Differential Carrier Mount Insert Kit, B6/B7 Audi A4/S4/RS4, Billet Aluminum

by on 19 March 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

034 mount insert 1 600x300 photo

These billet aluminum inserts are designed to fill the voids in the factory B6/B7 Audi A4/S4/RS4 rear differential carrier mounts, and limit rear differential movement without sacrificing ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin. By filling the voids in the factory mounts, this insert eliminate the associated slop and […] More…

‘Avengers Age of Ultron’ Trailer Drops with Audi Presence

by on 22 October 2014 in Video

avengers header 600x300 photo

We all know that, at least when he’s not saving the world as Iron Man, Tony Stark rolls in an Audi R8 and sometimes an R8 e-tron. Tie-ins between Audi and Iron Man have been a great way for Ingolstadt to emphasize its engineering theme, and cars like the R8 and also the S5, S7 and A8 depending on the movie. However, the first Avengers and an Acura tie-in saw Iron Man switch to the (still) not-yet-out NSX. Will that change in the next Avengers movie? The first trailer was released today and it certainly seems as if there’s some Audi presence.

Waterfest 2014: Best of B7

by on 24 July 2014 in Events News

2014 waterfest audi 2347 600x300 photo

Waterfest 2014 may have already come and gone, but it is still front and center in our minds.  With nearly 1700 shutter actuations, we realize that it can be a bit overwhelming to go through all of our galleries.  Keeping that in mind, we will be assembling our ten favorite cars from each of our […] More…

Find of the Day: Purple Audi B7 S4 Avant with RS 4 Widebody Conversion

by on 17 July 2014 in In Market

purple b7 rsfaux avant 600x300 photo

Cool looking modified car with tarmac-scraping ride height and no asking price. Seems like the making of either one hell of a Find of the Day or perhaps just fodder for debate. Either way, we wanted to bring your attention to this purple Audi B7 Avant – a car that began life as an S4 but now sports RS 4 bodywork. More…

PhotoGraphic: TAG Motorsports & ADV.1 Present Matt Steffy’s B7 Audi RS 4

by on 29 June 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News PhotoGraphic

Audi RS4 TAG Motorsports ADV1 295 600x300 photo

TAG Motorsports is at it again, posting yet another incredible mix of photos of another car they’ve been involved with. This time around it is a B7 RS 4 sedan owned by Matt Steffy and shot by Grubbs Photography. More…

Audi Recaro Shell Seats Stolen to Order in UK

by on 26 March 2014 in Audi News

audi rs4 b7 uk 021 600x300 photo

It is the stuff of nightmares really. You park your pristine Audi RS-car on a busy city street and return to find the side windows broken. Theives have unhooked your gripping Recaro seats and remove them via the broken windows so as not to set off the alarm. Even worse, when you submit your claim to your insurance company, your car is written off as totaled. This may not be in as much a problem for Americans who never even got the Recaro shell seats as an option, but such is life in the UK according to a report in the Telegraph newspaper. More…

Find of the Day: B7 Audi S4 Avant Just How You’d Order It

by on 20 February 2014 in In Market

b7 avant 600x300 photo

They no longer sell an S4 Avant in the USA, so unless you’re crazy enough to buy an A4 Avant and S4 and have a shop like GMG swap everything over (it’s been done), you’re likely left shopping for an older generation S4 Avant. Trouble is, they’re no longer making them and finding a nice unmolested specimen is becoming increasingly hard. If I just described your plight, this story is for you.

APR Announces 4.2L FSI V8 High Pressure Fuel Pumps

by on 20 January 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

2008 audi rs4 sedan usa 064 600x300 photo

APR is a Tier-One OEM supplier of high pressure fueling components to VAG and has operated with a nearly perfect tract record since the program’s motorsport backed inception in 2006. With thousands of pumps sold yearly, APR has a wealth of knowledge and manufacturing techniques utilized in the production of critical fueling components with exceptional reliability. More…