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Brand ‘LoveList’ Ranks Audi High for Consumer Sentiment

by on 5 August 2015 in Audi News

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Audi is one of the world’s most-loved brands, when consumer passion is measured by positive mentions across social media, according to one ranking. More…

Audi Ranks Second Overall in 2013 J.D. Power APEAL Study

by on 24 July 2013 in Audi News

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Audi achieved its highest score ever and placed second among nameplates in the annual J.D. Power U.S. APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study. The brand posted a total APEAL score of 857 – 62 points above the industry average – and moved up two positions to rank 2nd out of 33 nameplates in the U.S. industry.

Audi Outranks BMW in Shopper Interest in 30 States Across the USA

by on 13 June 2013 in Audi News

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AutoTrader has published an analysis comparing Audi versus chief German rival BMW in shopper interest. BMW sales still outpace Audi in the important American market though these findings plus AutoTrader’s green and yellow graphic map show that Ingolstadt is clearly closing the gap. More…

Auto Zeitung Readers’ Poll: Audi Voted Most Successful Brand for 9th Time in a Row

by on 24 April 2013 in Audi News

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Readers of Auto Zeitung assessed the image of 45 car brands in a poll, with Audi finishing top for the ninth time in a row. Audi triumphed in a total of nine categories including “best build quality”, “most appealing brand”, “quality”, “successful in motorsport” as well as “has good advertising”. The results of the poll […] More…

Piech Hints at Adding More Brands to Volkswagen Portfolio

by on 8 February 2013 in Audi News

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It never fails that comments made by Volkswagen Group Chairman Ferdinand Piech tend to be dissected to a level nearly unparalleled in the auto industry. Piech is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and the main man behind notable happenings as Audi’s move to quattro and the Porsche 917. He’s been the main catalyst for the […] More…

FourWord: Should Audi Get a Third Italian Sister Named Lancia?

by on 5 December 2012 in Columns

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I know it sounds funny, but there may just be some parallels between Walt Disney and Ferdinand Piech… or rather the empires both men either spawned or currently run. The Disney Company continues on its tear of swallowing up Pixar, Marvel Comics and, just this month, the Star Wars franchise. Disney seems quite adept at eyeing up strong intellectual property and then putting their financial weight behind building those properties beyond what’s been seen before. So while folks dressed like Wookies at Comicon ponder this universe-changing news, I’d like to draw a parallel to Piech’s own empire… the Volkswagen Group.

Audi, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen Rate Highest in Automotive Advertising ‘Best Practices’ With Messages of Efficiency and Innovation

by on 10 May 2012 in Industry News

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DETROIT, MI — Phoenix Marketing International, a Honomichl Top-50 market research firm, has reported findings that reveal “best practices” in automotive advertising for all of 2011 across multiple vehicle segments and ad media types. The analysis was conducted using quantitative and qualitative data collected from over 148,000 evaluations of 750+ unique TV and Print ads. […] More…