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More Photos of Audi RS 6 Avant performance

by on 23 October 2015 in Audi News

rs6 header 600x300 photo

Audi revealed details of the new RS 6 Avant performance yesterday, and now we’ve found more photos and information on their German market website The mix reveals even more about this new model. More…

New Audi RS 6 and RS 7 “performance” Packages Revealed

by on 22 October 2015 in Audi News

rs6 rs7 performance cover 600x300 photo

Editor’s Note: Like the Audi S8 plus before it, Audi has released special editions of the Audi RS 6 and RS 7 models under the new ‘performance’ moniker. The models include increased performance and plenty of new kit, from color-toned carbon fiber trim to titanium exterior details and unique wheel designs. Just why Audi didn’t […] More…

Jon Olsson’s Audi RS 6 DTM Stolen then Burned Last Night

by on 15 October 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News Audi Driver

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 Avant DTM 288 600x300 photo

We’re coming across a bizarre story regarding the fate of Jon Olsson’s Audi RS 6 DTM build. While on location for a photo shoot last night, the car was stolen by armed thieves, then later torched. It is now destroyed.

Neidfaktor’s ‘Dark Ride’ Audi RS 6 Project Evolves with New Tailored Recaro Seats

by on 7 July 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

Neidfaktor Audi RS6 Avant Dark Ride Project 335 600x300 photo

When last we left Neidfaktor and their sinister looking Dark Ride RS 6 Avant project, the car had received Alcantara hides with contrast yellow stitching across most non-seat interior surfaces, plus added carbon fiber for good measure. Now, it appears the car has gone further with a set of Recaro shell seats that continue the black and gold theme.

New Audi RS 6 with Wheels by Schmidt

by on 29 June 2015 in Audi News

Audi RS6 Schmidt Felge konkav4 600x300 photo

Everyone, who wants to upgrade his car by light alloy rims in sportive optics, will be in competent hands. Since many years, at the Volker SCHMIDT GmbH company in the Northern German city of Bad Segeberg – better known as SCHMIDT Revolution. It is surely not easy to find the ultimate rims among the widely varied offered product line even for the most eccentric taste, because finally, the contact between car and road is one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

New Audi RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback Land in Australia

by on 28 May 2015 in Audi News

Audi RS7 Sportback Australia 299 600x300 photo

The storming pair of heavy-hitters at the very top-end of the Audi Sport RS range, the RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback, are back in Australia. New lighting and infotainment technology, along with greater fuel efficiency, make these incredible vehicles even more desirable. More…

DashCam Catch: Audi RS 6 Runs Redlight, T-Boned by Tram

by on 28 May 2015 in Audi News

rs6 2 600x300 photo

We’ll admit it, the ever-growing genre of dash cams are is an amazing, enthralling, entertaining and occasionally gut-wrenching thing… sometimes all at the same time. Case in point is this shot showing a brand new RS 6 Avant meeting up with a tram in a rather inglorious way.

Video: Jon Olsson’s Audi RS 6 DTM Is the Über Uber

by on 18 May 2015 in Audi News

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 Avant DTM 283 600x300 photo

When you put out a request for an Uber ride on your mobile, you’ve likely got visions of a Town Car or Escalade in your head. Maybe if you’re in Europe you expect the Euro equivalent like an anonymous E-class. However, if you were on lucky fan who calls at just the right time, you’d have gotten Jon Olsson in his bonkers Audi RS 6 DTM. More…

Like Coffee? Love the Audi RS 6? Check this out from the Audi Forum Neckarsulm

by on 12 May 2015 in Audi Exclusive

Audi Exclusive Audi RS6 Avant Mocha Latte Neckarsulm 750 600x300 photo

You have to hand it to Audi Exclusive. quattro GmbH’s own department for tailoring cars differently seems quite adept at finding new color codes in order to put a different take on a familiar car. Take for example this Audi RS 6 Avant that just went on display at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm. The color is called Mocha Latte. More…

FOTD: C5 Audi RS 6 Avant with Manual Swap on Craigslist. Buy It Built.

by on 12 May 2015 in In Market

rs6 oem 600x300 photo

What do you call a comprehensive OEM plus build of a car that never was? Besides impressive, we’re not exactly sure it qualifies as a unicorn because it’s not a factory-built rarity. What we will a cleanly and custom built C5 RS 6 Avant with manual transmission for sale in San Francisco is an amazing find. More…

Audi RS 6 Carbon Fiber Trimmed Brake Calipers from Carbon Works Berlin

by on 28 April 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

Carbon Works Berlin carbonfiber brake caliper laminate Audi RS6 C6 830 600x300 photo

When it comes to showing off modified and custom Audi models, there may be no bigger show than Austria’s Wörthersee event next month. Owners reach deep into ever-growing bags of tricks in order to customize their cars like no other there. In as much, firms like Carbon Works Berlin are ready to help make wild ideas become a reality. Take, for example, these carbon fiber trimmed brake calipers. More…

Event: 2015 RS Treffen at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

by on 23 April 2015 in Events Coverage

rs treffen 600x300 photo

One of our favorite events of the year to report on must of course be the RS Treffen. It seems bizarre that a show we’ve never attended and that Audi doesn’t officially display at would rank near the top, but you can’t really argue with the premise. In short, Germany’s biggest performance Audi groups Audi RS-Club and RS-quattro converge on the Audi Forum Ingolstadt with a truly impressive mix of the coolest Audi cars. All sorts of fun ensues. More…