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Event: Ultimate Dubs UK

by on 14 March 2016 in Events Coverage

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From their non-expense-spared builds, to their innovative way of blending the traditional and the trendy, European enthusiasts just have a special way of doing things.  It makes quite a bit of sense, then, that the Brits don’t bother waiting for better weather to get their event season underway.  Held in a convention center located just northwest […] More…

Event Coverage: Ultimate Dubs 2015 (UK)

by on 18 March 2015 in Events Coverage

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Each year, Ultimate Dubs brings the best of the UK’s Audi tuning scene to the largest indoor show of its kind. Held just outside of Birmingham, more than 250 cars from nearly all Volkswagen Group marques were in attendance at the Telford International Centre this past weekend, and our UK contributor Si Gray was there to take it all in.

Event: Ultimate Dubs 2014

by on 17 March 2014 in Events Coverage

ultimate dubs cover urq 600x300 photo

There’s no doubt that the UK show scene leads a lot of the style side of the VAG enthusiast car world. Even if there was, one need only look at the vehicles on display at Ultimate Dubs 2014 to find proof of such Anglo influence.