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Audi Driver Ekström Takes Neureuther for a Ride on Ice at Kitzbühel (with Video)

by on 27 January 2015 in Motorsport

2015 Kitzbuhel Audi Home of quattro 458 600x300 photo

A hot test drive in cold Tyrol: On the occasion of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup in Kitzbühel, slalom ace Felix Neureuther did a few laps at the wheel of DTM star Mattias Ekström’s Audi S1 EKS RX. In a slalom practice with a difference, the skiing star demonstrated that he is a fast learner. More…

Chris Harris on Station Wagons and His Audi RS 6 Avant

by on 19 January 2015 in Video

rs6 harris 600x300 photo

It’s not a secret that Chris Harris has had an RS 6 Avant for a while. Recently Chris went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and sat down for a 2 hour plus conversation about everything, but mainly about cars.

Tonight Show Tackles Pros and Cons of Piloted Driving

by on 17 January 2015 in Audi News

fallon2 600x300 photo

Maybe you’ve caught ‘Pros & Cons’. It’s a bit on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and recently it tackled the subject of piloted driving given the the new tech was all over the news following CES 2015. More…

Video: Watch the Audi Press Conference at CES 2015

by on 8 January 2015 in Audi News Video

2015 CES Audi 576 600x300 photo

Audi made news with many new technologies this week at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Watch their press conference in its entirety here. More…

Audi A7 piloted driving concept Road Trip Summary in Video

by on 6 January 2015 in Video

Audi A7 piloted driving concept CES 2015 402 600x300 photo

As part of its lead up to CES 2015, Audi staged a road trip from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas with their A7 piloted driving concept. Here are several videos from Audi Deutschland that summarize the trip.

Rene Rast Practices for Le Mans with Audi R18 Simulator

by on 5 January 2015 in Motorsport Video

2014 Bathurst 12 hours Audi 319 600x300 photo

What do you do if you’re Audi Sport Team Joest’s newest addition for Le Mans and you’ve got time to kill over the winter break? If you’re René Rast, you log some hours on an R18 racing simulator and post it on YouTube. More…

Audi AG Electronics Development Boss Ricky Hudi Speaks at NVIDIA’s CES Press Conference

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

ricky hudi 600x300 photo

Digital technology is a core tenet of the Audi’s Vorsprung durch Technik mantra. Audi has been forward thinking on this, which is why Audi’s electronics technology chief Ricky Hudi was a guest speaker at the NVIDIA press conference at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Powered by Tegra X1, DRIVE PX Auto-Pilot and DRIVE CX Cockpit Computers Deliver Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Unprecedented Graphics in Cars

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

nvidia drive cx header 600x300 photo

As a major technology partner to Audi, any automotive release from NVIDIA is highly relevant to covering the Audi world. At CES this week, NVIDIA launched a new infotainment hardware platform DRIVE CX and piloted driving with the DRIVE PX. Each are powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra X1 chip. More…

Will Höegh Osaka Car Carrier Ship Beached on Bramble Bank Effect Your Incoming Audi?

by on 4 January 2015 in Industry News

osaka drone 600x300 photo

The huge auto liner cargo ship Höegh Osaka has beached itself on the Bramble Bank, a legendary sandbar near Portsmouth and the Isle of Wright in England. The ship became grounded and started to list last night at 9:20 AM. The ship’s crew of 25 was saved overnight, but the ship remains effectively beached and listing at a 45-degree angle. There’s been no mention of what vehicles may have been in transit on the ship, but its stranded state begs some questions. More…

Toyo Tires Gets So Italian It Hurts with this Video Promo Pitting an Audi R8 V10 plus against AC Milan

by on 2 January 2015 in Video

toyo video 600x300 photo

We’ve stumbled across a promo video from Toyo tires that may be so stereotypically Italian that it hurts. Throw in a band of soccer players from AC Milan, an objectified model / referee and a supercar in the form of an Audi R8, then make them “race” through the streets of Milan.

Video: Walter Röhrl Drives Mattias Ekström’s S1 EKS RX quattro

by on 30 December 2014 in Video

rohrl vs ekstrom 600x300 photo

Despite being old enough to retire, Walter Rohrl keeps himself quite busy by being a test driver for Porsche and doing countless appearances throughout the industry.  As a legendary driver and former Audi Rally ace, many of these appearances tie in with the four rings, and the latest is no different.  Current Audi Rallycross driver Mattias […] More…

Audi Confirmed Part of Will Ferrell ‘Get Hard’ Movie via Movie Trailer

by on 22 December 2014 in Audi News

get hard trailer 600x300 photo

It’s fair to say Audi is savvy when it comes to product planning. Beyond the more obvious movie starring presence like the Iron Man trilogy, the brand is regularly part of the supporting cast in movies like Date Night, 17 Again and The Wolverine. Thanks to a new trailer, we can confirm that the new Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart movie Get Hard will feature a few Audi models.