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Video: Audi A5 in UK Ridin’ Dirty in ‘A Beautiful Car for Ugly Conditions’

posted by on 31 July 2014 in Video

a5 600x300 photo

You just can’t deny the rallying heritage of Audi’s quattro system. As a subtle nod to that fact, Audi UK has created this bit of dirty car porn starring the Audi A5 TDI. Here’s how Audi UK describes it. More…

Spy Video: Audi SQ7 Test Mule Sliding, Jumping and Generally Hooning at Nurburgring

posted by on 29 July 2014 in Rumors, Renders & Spy Photos

sq7 2 600x300 photo

There are spy videos and then there are intensely cool spy videos. We mark this new short by Touriclips found on Y ouTube of the upcoming Audi SQ7 as the latter. In addition to catching air at Flugplatz, you’ll find there’s sliding and tire squeal all through the short. More…

Burgled Audi A8 Owner Gives Chase with Impact

posted by on 7 July 2014 in Video

a8 chase 600x300 photo

The story you are about to read (and watch) has everything it takes to make a good evening news reel nowadays. Take one Houston area doctor returning home to catch burglars in the act, add in his daughter at the wheel of an Audi A8 and thrown in a ‘we’re not going to take it anymore’ car chase, and you have the makings of a YouTube spectacle so long as no one really gets hurt. More…

Watch this Weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed LIVE Now!

posted by on 27 June 2014 in Audi News

2012 goodwood festival of speed audi 154 600x300 photo

If you’re a car enthusiast, the Goodwood Festival of Speed should likely be on your bucket list. For the most fortunate, they’ll be headed there this weekend to enjoy it first hand. Even if you’re not going though, you can now watch it via YouTube live stream.

Video: Audi R8 LMS #3 Crash in Opening Hours of Nurburgring 24

posted by on 22 June 2014 in Audi News

basseng crash 600x300 photo

With the 2014 24 Hours of Nurburgring now complete, we’re looking back at some of the more memorable points of the race. Of these, one of the most dramatic must certainly be the crash of the #3 sister car to the now-winning #4. Driven at the time by German-born Marc Basseng, this Team Phoenix R8 LMS met its unfortunate end-of-race in the very opening hours. More…

Watch 24 Hours of Nurburgring Live

posted by on 21 June 2014 in Audi News

nurburgring 600x300 photo

The 24 Hours of Nurburgring is about to start. Even better, race organizers have it streaming live on YouTube. Watch it here.

Video: A Tour of Le Mans 24 Hour Circuit with John Hindhaugh

posted by on 20 June 2014 in Video

hindhaugh header 600x300 photo

While on the ground in Le Mans last week, something special happened. It wasn’t that Audi rebuilt a car from essentially nothing, that they won a hard fought race, or any of the other incredible elements of the race story itself. No, in addition to all of that, we managed to take a trip around the circuit with “Mr. Radio Le Mans”, John Hindaugh. More…

Audi Puts Porsche on Notice. Le Mans Will Be Epic. #LM24AvP

posted by on 6 June 2014 in Motorsport Video

r18 burnout 600x300 photo

We’re about about a week and a half from the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans and the guano is about to get real. A rivalry, that’s been building for years, is about to amp to a whole new level. The winningest brand ever at Le Mans (Porsche) is about to return and compete with the most dominant modern brand (Audi). They’re corporate cousins of course, and there is perhaps no better manifestation of Ferdinand Piech’s philosophy of letting his brands compete than this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race.

Fitting then. Audi just threw down. More…

Audi USA Reveals First Commercial “The Meeting” for New A8

posted by on 5 June 2014 in Audi News

a8 commercial header 600x300 photo

The rollout for the new Audi A8 has officially begun. Yesterday Audi of America revealed pricing and package details for the new A8/S8 range. Today we’ve stumbled across the latest A8 commercial on YouTube. More…

Video: Audi A3 clubsport quattro Exhaust Note & Spoiler LED Demo

posted by on 3 June 2014 in Video

a3 clubsport1 600x300 photo

If you’ve been following along with our Worthersee 2014 coverage, then the bonkers 2.5 TFSI-powered Audi A3 clubsport quattro needs no introduction. No doubt you’re enthralled with the car as are we, and as such we wanted to share this quick video clip we nabbed while on the ground in Worthersee last week. More…

Video: Porsche 965, the Audi V8-Powered Porsche 911 That Never Was

posted by on 22 May 2014 in Video

Porsche 965 Audi V8 Prototype 282 600x300 photo

One need only look at the Audi RS2 Avant to know that Porsche and Audi enjoyed a very close relationship in the 1990s. Though not corporate siblings as they are today, the two shared more than German heritage and a penchant for producing fast German cars. And, though the Porsche ties in regards to the RS2 are widely known amongst car enthusiasts, projects like the Porsche 965 have been well-kept secrets… until now. More…

DTM: Strong Season Opener for Audi at Hockenheim (+ Watch It)

posted by on 4 May 2014 in Audi News

2014 DTM Round 1 Hockenheim Audi 507 600x300 photo

In front of 75,000 spectators (throughout the weekend) Audi left a strong impression at the 2014 DTM season opener. Three Audi drivers – Mattias Ekström, Adrien Tambay and Mike Rockenfeller – finished in the top four at the Hockenheimring. More…