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Want New Product From Bugatti? Forget About it, Says CEO

by on 7 October 2020 in Boutique Brands

bugatti16c 600x300 photo

There have been some turbulent times at Bugatti in the second half of 2020. In addition to wearing a For Sale sign over at Volkswagen’s headquarters, the company is discovering that The Current Year just might not be the best time to create a new and super-exclusive hypercar. So it isn’t. Speaking to Bloomberg TV yesterday, Bugatti CEO Stephan […] More…

Rare Rides: NSU’s New Way to Wankel, the Spider From 1965 (Part II)

by on 12 July 2018 in Audi News Fourtitude News

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In Part I of this four-part NSU Rare Rides series, we covered the beginning of the NSU brand and its initial product offerings — which included knitting machines. The company moved into bikes and motorcycles, as well as a three-wheeler considered a midpoint between motorcycle and car. The engineers were certainly busy, but all was […] More…

Rare Rides: NSU’s New Way to Wankel – the Spider From 1965 (Part I)

by on 11 July 2018 in deep dive Fourtitude Features

1966 NSU Wankel Spider RM Auctions 2014 Arizona Auction 387 600x300 photo

Back in the 1960s, a little German car company decided to spend a lot of money to create a new-to-them type of engine. The car company in question was NSU, and the engine that cost them so much money was a Wankel. In a first-ever for the Rare Rides series, this will be a four-part […] More…