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Our Five Favorite Five Cylinder Audis

by on 30 August 2016 in Columns Fourtitude Features

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In 1976, Audi introduced the second generation Audi 100 and under its hood lay the engine that would come to power some of Audi’s most important cars. The engine originally came as a compromise between Audi’s existing four cylinder engine and the six cylinder they wanted. With the updated 100, Audi knew they needed a […] More…

Fourword: Making the Case for a Volkswagen Group Restoration Facility in the U.S.

by on 15 April 2015 in Columns

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Given the relatively small number of Audis exported to America during the 1970s and early 1980s, and also the fact that there really weren’t any Audis to speak of during the 50s and 60s, the following for vintage Audi models in America is markedly thin. Parts for early cars, even those from the more popular […] More…

Announcing ‘Post & Win’ Free Audi Stuff via Fourtitude Discussion Forums

by on 15 December 2014 in Columns

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We’re about to start giving away Audi parts and goods to our discussion forum users. Read more here in order to learn what we’re giving away and how you can win. More…

Fourword: A4 allroad quattro Sport Could Fill a Lot of Gaps

by on 14 June 2013 in Columns

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It’s that time of year again here in the States. I’ve just posted Audi of America’s itemized model year updates to Fourtitude. These mark the annual list of changes in packaging and pricing and herald changes like black optics kits for most models, liberal use of S line trim and a few more notable goings on. Reviewing the list, there is one change I wish Audi of America would have made, and didn’t… nor will they I expect. That change would be to let the allroad more the rally-bred wagon it was devised to be the first time around.

FourWord: Should Audi Get a Third Italian Sister Named Lancia?

by on 5 December 2012 in Columns

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I know it sounds funny, but there may just be some parallels between Walt Disney and Ferdinand Piech… or rather the empires both men either spawned or currently run. The Disney Company continues on its tear of swallowing up Pixar, Marvel Comics and, just this month, the Star Wars franchise. Disney seems quite adept at eyeing up strong intellectual property and then putting their financial weight behind building those properties beyond what’s been seen before. So while folks dressed like Wookies at Comicon ponder this universe-changing news, I’d like to draw a parallel to Piech’s own empire… the Volkswagen Group.

FourWord: Grand-Am & American Sportscar Racing Going Forward

by on 11 October 2012 in Columns

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In case you haven’t noticed, Fourtitude’s new format allows us to more readily run original content and features alongside press release information from Audi, various tuners and various racing series. One regular type of feature we’re happy to bring back to the site is that of editorial opinion. In that vein, I’m re-launching my own FourWord column here and sharing my own opinion on the future of sportscar racing based on two pieces I’ve recently read on SPEED and AutoExtremist. More…

FourWord: The Purported Demise of the B8 RS 4 May Suggest a Forced Induction Future for RS 4 and RS 5.

by on 29 December 2010 in Columns

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Recently our friends over at Car & Driver published a story suggesting a new RS 4 wasn’t to be. Contacts of ours years ago confirmed an RS 4 sedan would have never been in the cards anyway as the 4-door buyer was predominantly also the RS 5 buyer. Still, our information about a RS 4 […] More…

FourWord: A Crate Idea for Audi

by on 28 December 2006 in Columns

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There’s a friendly sense of rivalry around the office here at Vortex Media Group. I can’t say that if I meet my counterpart Bryan Joslin who runs our BMW website on the way to the watercooler, that it’s a race or anything…. but bring up competitive topics like the debate of “M5 vs. S6” […] More…

FourWord: Diesel=The NEW Unfair Advantage

by on 18 August 2006 in Columns

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There’s a bit of a tradition at Audi Sport, begun in the ‘80s with the advent of quattro all-wheel drive and its considerable impact on rally racing as the world then knew it. Audi has shown a clear pattern of choosing a racing series very carefully, considering the rules and regulations, developing a unique approach, […] More…

Fourword: Will the New TT Earn Supermodel Status?

by on 17 April 2006 in Columns

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The job of redesigning Audi’s iconic TT could not have been an easy one. A welcome challenge to Audi’s design studios it may be, but following the lead of a ground-breaking original is no easy feat. Any designer picking up a pen to take a stab at the TT’s successor had to know that everyone […] More…

Fourword: DS – Could These Initials Inspire Performance Nuts and Greenies?

by on 18 January 2006 in Columns

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If you’re at all familiar with the Audi lexicon, little more than mention of the letter ‘S’ is needed to get your blood going. Audi’s range of S cars has a long and storied history at providing strong performance for those looking to go fast. However, no one ever said these cars weren’t thirsty for […] More…

Fourword: Taking the Idea of a Compact Hybrid to the Next Level with the A3

by on 27 November 2005 in Columns

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There’s no denying that the Toyota Prius has garnered its fair share of attention. Toyota sells all they can build, while the car’s owner group has become a rather enthusiastic following despite the Prius’ relatively frugal equipment and uninspiring teardrop shaped packaging. Such success begs the question- could technology-driven Audi do a small hybrid just […] More…