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Audi Genuine Accessories High-performance S6/S7 Titanium Exhaust System by Akrapovič

by on 14 July 2017 in Fourtitude Features Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

073A7221 600x300 photo

The exhaust is typically the first place people start when they want to change up their cars. Exhaust upgrades are a relatively inexpensive and quick way to improve sound, save some weight, and make some small power gains. Audi saw an opportunity here to enhance their cars from the factory while preserving the warranty. Debuting […] More…

Project A3 Sedan: Introduction

by on 19 May 2014 in Project A3 Sedan Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

a3 cover 600x300 photo

Not too often does one get to take part in a project, a build, or a part of something that is new and ground-breaking. But then getting the chance to take that item from blank canvas of metal, plastic, and rubber to something of cutting edge beauty and sophistication is even more rare. More…

Project S7: APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade

by on 27 February 2014 in Project S7 Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

project s7 cover 600x300 photo

When is the last time you were on a large Boeing or Airbus airliner? Think back to that time. Think about boarding and taking your seat, pushing back from the gate and taxiing out to the runway for departure. More…

4 Season Test: 2013 Audi TT S line competition – Part 4, Wheels & Tires

by on 7 July 2013 in 4-Season-2013-Audi-TT-S-line-competition Reviews & Road Tests Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

test cover 600x300 photo

The stock wheels on our TT have garnered plenty of attention, but there’s always the temptation to try something different. In our case, we wanted something with an OE+ tie and looked to the R8 GT. We paired those with some of the latest all-season tires from Michelin. More…

Project TTS/SF – Audio Upgrades

by on 1 June 2012 in Project TTS-SF Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

tts sf audison cover 600x300 photo

So when one starts planning out the mods to a car, one thinks in terms of power and style, naturally. Which makes good sense, but what happens if you are an audiophile and want to extrapolate more from your stereo? Over my period of ownership of the TTS, I’ve found that its BOSE system had its limitations and after a great deal of research, found this was mostly due to the factory speakers and amps. More…

Project S/P/S S5 Webisode 1: Power

by on 6 February 2012 in Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

05sps s5 600x300 photo

There is no denying the fact that Audi hit a home run with the S5. The entire package has become legendary. Purists would insist that the car needs no modifications and is “just fine” as is. I can respect that group, but this 2-part installment is aimed at sharing my build experience with people who believe that some small improvements can be made both in terms of Power and Style to give a little bit more polish to a nearly perfect specimen.

Part 3: Project Glut S5 – BBS Wheels and Michelin Tires

by on 20 November 2011 in Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

05glut header 001 600x300 photo

If you walk around the support paddock at Circuit de la Sarthe in France – site of the 24hrs of LeMans and ask the directors of the perspective manufacturers racing programs- “why do you race?” You will hear something along the lines of; technology developed in our motor sport program has a direct trickle down […] More…

Project TTS-SF: Braking It In with Brembo

by on 16 October 2011 in Aftermarket & Tuner News Project TTS-SF Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

brembo cover 600x300 photo

In case you haven’t yet noticed Project TTS/SF has gone from our originally planned 12 installments to our new schedule. Now there will be 14 installments for your viewing pleasure. Everybody loves horsepower and torque and this installment contends with the other side of the coin. Bringing a high horsepower car to a halt. OK, […] More…

Project TTS-SF: Cause for Alarm

by on 6 August 2011 in Project TTS-SF Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

tts sf alarm cover 600x300 photo

Without getting into actual numbers, I’ve got a lot invested in upgrading this TTS’ power, style and audio upgrades highlighted in this webisode series. Even if with no modifications at all, having a car stolen is something no owner wants to experience. It’s a point of pride. You love your car and the modifications that go along with it so why not make it harder or near impossible for anyone to take. More…

Part 3: Project Glut S5 – H&R Suspension & Sway Bars

by on 15 July 2011 in Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

05glut header 600x300 photo

Recently, on a warm, dry, Saturday evening in Texas – I encountered over steer. It was intentionally caused by me with steering and throttle inputs on a slow, 15mph, 90 degree right hander and… I was blown away. I went back and did it at least 6 more times to make sure what just happened, […] More…

Project TTS-SF Part 9: Coils, Oils and More

by on 14 March 2011 in Aftermarket & Tuner News Project TTS-SF Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

webisode 9 600x300 photo

In our last installment we brought our project car back to the dealership where we painted the front lip and upgraded to a new fixed rear spoiler. This time around we are going to spend some time replacing and upgrading some of the little things that make up more of a big picture. Way back […] More…

Project 4KQ: Re-Introduction – New (Old) Car, New Direction

by on 4 February 2011 in Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

05rode 80 600x300 photo

Like I said back in 2005, it all started with a picture. As a teenager I didn’t know why I loved Audis, I just did… and to fuel that love I’d picked up a copy of the now-out-of-print “quattro – The Development & Competition History” by Jeremy Walton that’d been stuffed into the bargain bin of the bookstore at a local mall. Of course all matter of ur quattros that were featured in the book were of interest, but my curiosity peaked on page 217 where just one photo of a clearly upgraded 80 sedan caught my eye. More…