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Why Have They Added a C? Audi to Introduce C-V2X Tech in Virginia

What the hell is the C doing in C-V2X technology? We’ve all heard of Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technology at this point. It means that cars can talk to each other and to the local grid to get a better picture of what’s going in the environs. But have you heard of C-V2X? Yes.

Because it’s C-V2X just that they’ve added cellular to the name. But why? I didn’t think the communication was being done by carrier pigeon. What useful information is being shared with this new letter?

Per Qualcomm: “Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) will serve as the foundation for vehicles to communicate with each other and everything around them.”

Qualcomm is working with Audi and the Virginia Department of Transportation (which we should call the VSBNWVSDOT [Virginia State but Not West Virginia State Department of Transportation] since we’re fans of useless specificity) to make this happen in Virginia. 

Basically, your Audi may soon know if there’s a construction zone before you see a sign or an accident before you see sirens. Not only that, but Audi says that construction workers will be able to get a warning before cars show up—mind you, they’ll need V2X-enabled vests.

Vehicles like the Q8 will also be able to get red-light warnings. They’ll also get a countdown to a green light.

This work is being done with the help of American Tower Corporation and Commsignia.

“The deployment of C-V2X on the Virginia Smart Road Corridor allows a new generation of vehicles capable of communicating not just through cellular towers but also directly with roadside infrastructure and vulnerable road users,” said Pom Malhotra, director, Connected Services, Audi of America. “Today’s milestone will allow Audi to accelerate the deployment of innovative use cases that have the potential to increase driver confidence on the road by providing warning – and in the future, take autonomous action – when sensing an impending collision or even a traffic rule violation.”

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