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Brembo Releases Mirror-Finish Brakes and Hey! They’re Good for the Planet, Too!

Don’t you love it when interests line up? It’s like when you’re rich friends ask you to house sit or when your parents just need you to drive their Karmann Ghia home. “Oh darn. Guess I’ll have to then.”

The latest such synergy is Brembo’s reflective brake discs. I defy you to see these and not think SEMA show car. My god, I can practically see the Vegas Convention Center reflected in them already!

Turns out, though, that Brembo developed them to be green. The mirror finish comes from a coating applied via high-velocity-oxy-fuel technology, which, the company says, helps prolong their life.

Lasting longer means that you run through fewer discs, which in itself means less waste. But it also means less brake dust kicked out under braking, which means fewer emissions being spread out all over the countryside.

Better still, they have high corrosion resistance, which your show car will doubtless be thankful for after a winter of sitting around.

The brakes are being sold as ideal for EVs, but the coating can be applied to any old brake, so it might extend beyond just low-use EV brakes.

The only downside for a show car is that you’d really have to get the wheel cleaning kit out. No more saying “good enough” when it comes to cleaning behind the wheel spokes.

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