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Find of the Day: 1994 RS2 Avant in the US of A

Imported last year, this RS2 is among the first to be imported to the US. It is, allegedly, a one-owner car (was the owner waiting for 2019 to emigrate with the car?) and has all service records since the first 10,000km service.
The listing claims it was the first RS2 imported to the US, but Road & Track reports that there are claims of importation about a month before this one, so it’s not undisputed.
What is undisputed is the RS2’s reputation. The first RS, it was co-developed by Porsche and its straight-five was capable of outpacing the McLaren F1 to 30 mph thanks to its AWD system—that’s a trick Audi still uses today.
With fewer than 3,000 RS2 Avants in existence, and never having been sold in the US, you’re sure to be the only person on your block with this car in the garage. As a result, you’ll be expected to pay a pretty penny. Asking price is $80,000. 

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