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Find of the Day? $200K RS6 Avant

It’s always fun to find someone who reads stories about websites like StubHub up-charging ridiculously and thinks “I could do that.” That’s what at least one Audi buyer has done on Auto Trader, asking for $207,000 for their RS6 Avant.

The RS6 is now the second most expensive Audi on the website, according to Motor1, second only to an R8. If the seller gets their price, they would be making nearly twice the price of the base model RS6 Avant, which starts at $109,000.

Trying to build a car as close to the specs listed in the ad as possible, we got a price of $131,240. To be fair, that doesn’t mark a 200% return on investment, it would only be a 163% return on investment. 

For a car that isn’t explicitly a supercar—I know it has supercar-like performance, but it’s a wagon whose engine is in the front and whose brand name isn’t Italian—that would be impressive. 

While we hope that RS6 Avants hold their value and eventually appreciate in value, we can’t help but think that this is a shame. Owning a car that other people also want is fun. Buying it because you want to turn around and charge people an arm and a leg feels cynical. If the thing that you want appreciates, that’s great. If you’re denying someone a thing that they want to make money, that sucks.

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