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Watch: A Modded RS3 Take on a 911 Turbo S

So what do all the mods you could want, 716 hp, and 560 lb-ft of torque get you? Well, they get you onto CarWow in your shiny new, modified RS3. And they get you up next to a 911 Turbo S.

They do not necessarily get you ahead of that 911, though if the results of this test and host Mat Watson’s own excited bench racing are anything to go, they can.

Now, before we get too deep, we should talk about the 911. In Turbo S trim, with an 8-speed dual-clutch, it’s down on horsepower with only 650, but up on torque with 590 lb-ft. That, in combination with the extra gear and the weight over the back wheels, may just be what helps this 911 launch so well every time.

And that appears to be all there is in it. Although it finishes the quarter-mile in nearly half a second faster than the RS3, it only appears to get an advantage off the line. That could also be down to Watson, who does this a lot and seems to be pretty good at it.

Watson says in the video that he believes the RS3 would be capable of a sub-10-second run if it was launched right, which—who knows—but my own experience of drag racing two identical cars at a press event tell me that the difference in who is launching the car—even a car with launch control and everything—is pretty exaggerated more than you might think at the end of a quarter-mile. 

All of which is only helped when, in both rolling races, the RS3 beats the 911. Kicking down faster in the automatic race and picking up faster in the 3rd gear race, the RS3 clearly has enough to power to take on the 911, if not beat it out of hand.

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