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Audi Hybrid Radio Lets You Swap from Signal to Stream Seamlessly

Audi and iHeartRadio are giving you an alternative to satellite and straight-up streaming, letting you listen to your favorite local stations in your car, even when you leave the normal signal range.

Losing that hot banger to the sound of FM static is no more, starting with select Audi 2021 models with MIB 3 infotainment. Audi calls it Hybrid Radio, and it lets owners with Audi connect Prime or Plus switch from broadcast to digital on the fly. It can even keep the station if you turn your car off and back on, letting you listen to one of iHeartRadio’s more than 600 North American stations.

“Radio has always been the consumer’s No. 1 choice for companionship in the car,” said Michele Laven, president of Strategic Partnerships Group for iHeartMedia. “The innovative functionality Audi is introducing via their Hybrid Radio experience allows yet another way for that companionship to be seamlessly extended beyond the range of the broadcast signal keeping the consumer connected to their favorite station, no matter where the road takes them.”

The service uses Audi’s integrated 4G LTE Wifi hotspot to stream the station when out of range. Audi says that 2021 models with the system will start arriving at dealers this month.

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