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Audi Shows, Prices Updated Q5, All-New A7, and A8 PHEV Models

Look out for a trio of new plug-ins from Audi, the Q5, A7, and A8 will all offer performance that belies their tiny engine size along with an electric range and fuel economy that should remind you that there is more to life than displacement and trips to the pumps.

The A8 isn’t new, with the 2021 model of the Audi flagship getting a V6 backed by an electric motor that gives it a total of 443 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, but the A7 is new to the US and the Q5 TFSI e gets a host of upgrades.

The A7 and Q5 share a powertrain that while slightly less powerful than the A8 PHEV still offers S-levels of performance. That means a 2.0L four combined with an electric motor that delivers a combined 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. That lets both drive in a slightly less powerful EV mode and a 14.1 kW battery means they could qualify you for significant federal and local tax incentives.

While the Q5 has been redesigned for 2021 with a new shape and a new infotainment system, the A7 TFSI e wasn’t previously offered stateside. The four-door coupe is just like the gas-only version of the big car, with the exception of the PHEV driveline and an estimated 24-mile electric range and 68 mpge. Compare that with 19 miles for the Q5 (50 mpge) and 18 for the A8 (53 mpge).

The Q5 will be the cheapest, starting from $51,900, with the A7 starting from $74,900 and the A8 from $95,900. All three should be available soon, part of Audi’s goal to electrify 30 percent of its US lineup by 2025.

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